Hot Spring

  • Hot Spring

In the past, "Unzen" was pronounced ?onsen? in this region. The hot springs here are acidic and has a distinct smell of sulfur. While the warm water helps relax your mind and body, it also has a sterilizing and skin beautifying effects, and is believed to be effective against diabetes, high-blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, chronic skin disease, muscle pains and more.

Tenchi Daichi bath

Hot Spring
Tenchi Daishi Bath is noted for its milky white-coloured hot spring water. From the open-air onsen, you can view the steam rising from Unzen Jigoku Hell, the main source of the area?s hot spring waters. The temperature of the spring source is around 47 degrees C, so we may add cold spring water, heat up or recirculate in order to maintain a stable temperture around 40-42 degrees C.

Open hours : 11am-8pm daily (3pm-8pm on Wednedays)
Price : free of charge for guests and 1,000 JPY (for day-trip visitors)

Family Baths

Hot Spring
Family baths can be reserved up to 50 min. Please visit the front desk for further information and bookings. We do not accept reservations by phone, email or fax.

Open hours : 11am-8pm
Price : 2,000 JPY (per bath/50 min max) plus 1,000 JPY (for day-trip visitors)