Unzen Fukiya

Unzen Fukiya is located in Unzen Amakusa National Park, Japan’s very first national park and hot spring resort to target overseas tourists. Best known for its group of high-temperature hot springs and volcanic activities, the area offers beautiful mountain scenery, as well as many other local attractions.
With over 100 years of history, our hotel features a sense of Japanese nostalgia with traditional wooden structure and retro interior. We also offer different types of rooms, catering to all your needs.
After a long travel, relax your mind and body in our open-air onsen, Tenchi Daishi Bath noted for its milky white-coloured hot spring water. From the onsen, you can view the steam rising from Unzen Jigoku Hell, the main source of the area’s hot spring waters.
Situated in Shimabara Peninsula, Unzen is also popular for its rich local foods and seasonal produce. Our restaurant Kaibitei is the best place to sample speciality dishes, served with fresh meat, fish and vegetables.
Fukiya Unzen is a 2 min walk from Unzen Jigoku Hell, a 10 min drive from Unzen Ropeway Station and 30 min drive from Shimabara Castle.